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P.S Yes, tickets are really FREE because we strongly believe that education is the foundation to every successful investor.


  • How to find the best locations and properties 
  • How property investment can help you pay off your home sooner and pay less tax
  • How you can build a large property portfolio without impacting your current lifestyle
  • How to grow and finance a large investment portfolio
  • Why you should stop fearing the current market by minimising risk and making smart investment decisions. 


Very professional, informative and educational. I went in to educate my daughter in how to purchase an investment property but I learnt so much more. They explained everything clearly and answered all our questions no matter how dumb. Great place to start if you or your kids want to buy property. 

Josie Papaluca-Witte

AllianceCorp have really helped educate us and tailor a personalised wealth strategy for our future. I first heard about them on facebook and then got in touch with them and received a lot of reading material to help get my head around how it all works. Then we met with Jason who explained the process of setting up our next investment property really clearly and exactly what financial position that we needed to be in. 

Chantelle Aarts

Exceptional service from the start. I really appreciate that AllianceCorp likes to educate their clients. I already had an investment property and just assumed that I knew what I was doing. However, after attending one of the free consultation sessions realised that I needed a clear and precise strategy if I was to have financial security in the future. I am extremely cautious when it comes to this industry. 

Jamaica Barrientos